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Brazil Antonio Ananias


Antonio Ananias da Silva and his family raise coffee on 3 hectares of their 15 hectare Sitio Macauba farm.

Elevation: 3937 fasl Varietal: Bourbon

This single origin coffee makes a lovely shot of espresso and was featured at SCAA 2015 at the True Artisan Cafe. Tasting Notes. Cherry, dry spice, grape tannins, toffee.

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From Farmer to Roaster

Coffee trees produce berries that are called coffee cherries.  Inside these cherries are the coffee seed (bean).  They turn bright red or yellow depending on the variety when they are ripe and ready to pick.  The skin (exocarp) is thick and bitter although the fruit beneath (mesocarp) the skin is sweet with the texture of… READ MORE >

Ghost Town of the Month


Near the towering peaks of the Flint Creek Range are the remains of Danielsville.  An old Frenchman discovered gold here just before the turn of the century.  The Frenchman attempted to lead prospectors to the gold but got lost in the heavy snows.  The prospectors turned back while the Frenchman continued on. His body was… READ MORE >