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Earlier this year, we were excited to participate in the 9th annual Te Van a Conocer, Compa.  The Te Van a Conocer, Compa (which translates roughly into You will meet, friend or pal) is an annual coffee growing competion hosted by the Cooperativa Cafetalera Capucas Limitada (COCAFCAL) coffee coop in the Copan region of Honduras.  We commonly refer to the coop as Las Capucas.

The COCAFAL or Capucas Coffee Cooperative Limited is located in the Las Capucas municipality within the renown coffee growing Copan region of Honduras. COCOFAL was founded in 1999 by Omar Rodriguez the coop has now grown to over 700 members. Since 2008, the Coop has hosted the Te Van a Conocer, Compa coffee growing competion were Coop members are invited to submit the best of their crop each year to be judged by a group of coffee professionals from around the world. Te Van a Conocer, Compa roughly translates to ‘You will get to know, friend!’ We were able to particate in the judging this year. After tasting over 100 different coffees, we were able to came back with lots from 5 producers that scored in the top 13 places.

In it’s 9th year, coop member producers are invited to submit the best of their crop from that year to be sample roasted.  These coffees are then sampled (cupped) and scored by a group of coffee professionals from across the world.  In the end the top 10 coffees are selected and honored during a grand community gathering at the end of the week.

The Coop has it’s own modern wet mill to help with quality control of the first major step of coffee processing.  The Coop has returned well thought out financial resources back into the facility to continue to its commitment to quality.

Jose Moises Lopez

Jose Lopez was overall Winner of the 9th annual Te Van a Conocer, Compa

Jose calls his 2 hectar farm Finca Los Tucanes.  He, his wife Juana and their 5 children live and produce coffee, maize, corn, figs and other crops on their farm.  He has been farming for over 21 years and has dedicated his entire life to agriculture.

Region: Copan

Elevation: 4925 ft

Variety: Catuai

Tasting Notes: Key Lime, cinnamon, peach, blackberry, plantain. 

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