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El Salvador El Manzano Gift Pack – 3, 6oz bags

There are three primary methods of processing coffee after harvest. Washed, Natural or dry, and Pulped Natural or Honey process. Washed processed coffee is the most common method. Water is used to separate the sweet fruit from the seeds. It also includes an additional fermentation step to help separate a parchment layer from the seed. Natural or dry processing allows the complete ripe coffee cherry to be dried in the sun until outside layer is milled away to expose the seeds (beans) inside. Low humidity areas with less water resources often use this method. Pulped Natural processing is often called Honey process in many Central American countries. It uses aspects of both Washed and Natural processing. The main fruit is separated from the seeds but a sweet layer of mucilage is allowed to remain while it is dried in the sun. Beneficial acidity is retained while adding sweetness to the coffee.

These three offerings from El Salvador El Manzano represent the same coffee that has been processed in each of these different processing methods. Each coffee offers a unique flavor based on how it was processed.

We’ve put together a gift pack that includes one of each.

6oz bag of Washed Process 6oz bag of Natural Process 6oz bag of Honey Process

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