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Colombia Familia Quintero


Armando Trullo Quintero & Farouth Ceballos Quintero combined their crops for this micro lot offering. They grow varietals, castillo, caturra, and colombia on their farms which lie at 5250-5900 fasl.

Tasting Notes: plum, chocolate, apple sauce, honey, cinnamon, round acidity, satiny body.

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From Farmer to Roaster

Coffee trees produce berries that are called coffee cherries.  Inside these cherries are the coffee seed (bean).  They turn bright red or yellow depending on the variety when they are ripe and ready to pick.  The skin (exocarp) is thick and bitter although the fruit beneath (mesocarp) the skin is sweet with the texture of… READ MORE >

Ghost Town of the Month

Mondak, Montana

It’s hard to find a ghost town that didn’t meet that fate as a result of mining; until I stumbled upon Mondak, MT.  This town located in Roosevelt County flourished between 1903-1919 in large part by selling alcohol to residents of North Dakota.   The town name of Mondak comes from joining the two states…. READ MORE >