Coffee is what drives our passion for what we do. We do however understand that regardless of what we do at the roaster, without properly trained people and the right equipment, seeking the perfect cup of coffee cannot be realized. To this end we offer comprehensive barista training and a full line of professional equipment to work towards that goal.

Barista Training:

Our barista trainers are Barista Guild of America certificate holders. The Barista Guild along with it’s parent organization, The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) have spent years gathering expertise from 1000’s of coffee professionals in creating standards for the specialty coffee community. We base our training on these standards and like the SCAA we like to allow enough flexibility for barista’s to express themselves through their craft.
Training sessions can be done on location or at the Ghost Town Coffee Roasters roasting headquarters.

Professional Commercial Equipment Sales and Service:

If you need coffee related equipment, we can most likely take care of your needs. We not only have access to many of the worlds top brands but the experience, knowledge and expertise to recommend the right equipment for your needs.

We back our equipment sales up with factory trained professional installation, scheduled maintenance, and repair services.